Patricia Afonso

Hello!I help businesses, social ventures and individuals lead with greater clarity, confidence and impact, so they can grow strategically.My background is in digital & brand marketing, with over 17 years of experience working with global brands, start-ups and governmental organisations.I am also a qualified Leadership & Personal Development coach accredited at Practitioner Level by the EMCC.


I am an award-winning digital and brand marketing expert who helps organisations grow thanks to actionable strategic insights, brand partnerships, and marketing solutions with a digital, content and e-commerce focus.I am an enthusiastic lateral thinker with 17+ years of experience working at all levels and with a range of global brands, local start-ups and social ventures. Most notably, I’ve delivered stand-out marketing strategies and activations for Visit Britain, BA, Diageo, Cadbury, Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft and Adidas.In 2017, I was nominated by the MediaWeek Awards for the campaign that launched the media brand "Tasty" in Europe in association with Diageo. In 2015, I won a MediaWeek Award for the creative content I led between The Alzheimer’s Society and BuzzFeed.

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I am a qualified Leadership & Personal Development Coach accredited at Practitioner level by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). With this expertise, I help individuals and business leaders achieve their personal and professional goals through tailored coaching programmes.

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By engaging clients in a creative thought-provoking process, I help them clarify their vision, values and purpose, and formulate a strategic roadmap to achieve their goals. Leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence, career/life planning and change management are examples of skills my clients develop through my coaching expertise.


I am always looking to increase my positive social impact through coaching, mentoring and NED roles at social ventures – on a consultative or ad-hoc basis.I have extensive experience coaching entrepreneurs with positive social and environmental impact goals including those at Cambridge Social Ventures.

As a conscious leader myself, I have a particular interest in coaching other leaders who take responsibility for balancing profit and purpose. I am always seeking opportunities to help develop their leadership skills and resilience to accelerate their positive impact.Some of my influences:

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